Clearing Up Complexities Of Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Blue Bell Real Estate Law Firm For The Five-County Philadelphia Region

Securing the transaction contract terms you expect is our top concern. Our experienced attorneys work directly with each of our clients to ensure they understand the full extent of our client's needs and goals. We sculpt a customized strategy with you and help you make informed decisions throughout the process.

We understand that your time is precious, but so are your business contracts and assets. Whether you are leasing, buying or selling a property, we are thorough and sensitive to your unique working style. Our firm serves business owners, property managers, developers, real estate investment trusts (REITs), banks, lenders, title insurance companies and creditors of a variety of industries involved in every commercial real estate matter you can think of throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.

Comprehensive Review, Counsel And Representation

Commercial real estate transactions create a maze of legal work. Our lawyers provide the clarity and guidance you need to be decisive, knowing that risks and liabilities have been mitigated.

We review purchase and sale agreements, leases, zoning, financing terms, environmental compliance, titles, surveys and construction contracts. We ensure that there are no restrictive covenants or other encumbrances restricting property use when representing buyers and lessees. And we ensure that contract terms are enforceable and comprehensive when representing sellers, property owners and lessors.

Our attorneys have extensive experience serving clients with large property portfolios and those looking to buy and sell property for the purpose of generating an income stream. We serve clients seeking to improve buildings and those planning to develop and redevelop land for commercial, residential or industrial use. We can provide legal counsel and representation during assessments, surveys, planning, zoning issues, environmental issues and contracting.

Cost-Effective, Detail-Oriented Transaction Completion

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