Commercial Leases

The professional services of a commercial real estate attorney when leasing or subleasing as a lessee or lessor in Pennsylvania are of immediate benefit. You never want to sign a lease for a commercial or industrial property without the review by your own attorney, even if you have not encountered issues in the past.

At Max L. Lieberman & Associates, P.C., we serve commercial landlords and tenants throughout the five-county Philadelphia region. We handle projects for large-scale commercial and industrial clients as well as for small-business owners leasing office, retail, restaurant, warehouse and industrial property.

Considerations For Commercial Landlords And Tenants

Lessees (tenants) need to ensure that property can be used for the intended purpose of the business, and they need to know that there are enforceable remedies available if the lease goes south for any reason. Can you negotiate landlord remedies? What if services and repairs are not provided? Do you have bargaining power? If your business conditions change, can you sublet the property or assign the lease to a third party? Are you protected against a confession of judgment?

Lessors (landlords) need to ensure they understand tenants' businesses to the point that they know whether tenants are violating lease terms concerning legal use of the property. They need to have enforceable legal remedies in place in case tenants do not pay utility bills or rent and in case tenants damage the property. Do you have a confession of judgment provision in your lease agreements? Is the confession of judgment provision up to date?

We handle lease negotiations and lease dispute resolution between lessees and lessors, and our attorneys bring over 70 years of combined legal experience to the table. There are many more considerations in need of drafting and review in all types of real property leasing circumstances, and getting a detail-oriented, dependable lawyer in your corner is a must to maintain your business and mitigate litigation risks.

Comprehensive Review And Resolution Of Lease Terms And Disputes

Please call our firm in Blue Bell at 610-397-1820 to discuss your unique situation with an attorney. We handle leasing matters for all variety of businesses and property managers. We are also responsive to your inquiry through our secure online form. Please tell us about your objectives and concerns.