REO Representation In Pennsylvania — Managing And Disposing Of Property

Disposing of real estate acquired after a sheriff's sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure presents a different set of issues than selling regular residential or commercial property. Lenders who acquire REO properties may have to deal with holdover tenants and disposing of furniture, fixtures and equipment. Lenders usually know nothing to very little about the properties they acquire or any problems properties have.

Of course, the concern is not to fix up properties, but to sell them as-is (maintained just enough to abide by upkeep laws), which requires a different type of negotiation skill set than that used when selling other property assets.

When you work with Max L. Lieberman & Associates, P.C., you gain the skills of two extensively experienced real estate lawyers with over 70 years of combined experience. Additionally, Max Lieberman is a former senior attorney, specializing in asset disposition, for the Resolution Trust Corporation, a government entity established to resolve the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s and 1990s.

Our firm can help you dispose of lender-owned property efficiently whether your portfolio contains residential homes and buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, other retail space, liquor licenses or all of the above.

A Robust Offering Of REO Services

  • Seizing property/repossession
  • Short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure and foreclosure process assistance
  • Reviewing title reports
  • Reselling property at auction (disposition of property)
  • Asset management/property preservation management
  • Compliance with property upkeep laws
  • Negotiations with real estate investors and other purchasers
  • Ejectment of Quiet Title proceedings against former occupants or squatters

We work with lenders across Pennsylvania to manage and dispose of properties cost-effectively with an eye toward moving REO/bank-owned property off balance sheets in a timely and responsible manner. Our REO attorneys counsel and represent clients ranging from national banks to smaller regional lenders.

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