Title Issues For Residential, Commercial And Industrial Real Estate

Our Blue Bell-based law firm handles title encumbrance issues for property owners and title insurance companies throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. With over 70 years of combined experience, our attorneys are equiped to handle title dispute and litigation issues on behalf of buyers, sellers, insurance companies and brokers.

We resolve issues involving nondisclosure of title problems, construction issues and land use issues. It is often the case that one problem leads to another, which can greatly complicate purchase and sale transactions, leases and development plans. Properties can only be sold with clean titles, development and construction can only begin once parcel ownership is settled, and business growth can be obstructed by restrictive covenants.

Cost-Effective Representation And Diligent Advocacy

In Montgomery County, the Greater Philadelphia region and across the state, we order and review title insurance commitments, ensuring encumbrances do not affect our clients' transactions. We understand that time is money with real estate title issue concerns, and we help our clients with the following matters:

  • Property lien removal
  • Restrictive covenant enforcement and variance
  • Easement addition, modification and removal
  • Encroachment removal
  • Licensed use of the property
  • Removal of old leases or outdated encumbrances
  • Representing title companies in quiet title actions when there are multiple parties with conflicting claims to property

When title issues are standing in the way of sales, development and business growth, our lawyers are fully capable of expeditiously resolving most issues. In some cases, however, the enforcement of these encumbrances is in the best interests of our clients, in which case, we are assertive and thorough in defending property restrictions.

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