Mechanic's Liens: Collections And Removal

We are southeastern Pennsylvania real estate attorneys with over 70 years of combined legal experience in the Greater Philadelphia region and throughout the state. We counsel a variety of clients regarding all aspects of mechanic's liens and represent their interests in negotiations, arbitrations and court proceedings.

Pennsylvania's mechanic's lien statute is rather complex, and you can really only fully understand your rights, liabilities and options with the guidance of a knowledgeable lawyer in your corner.

Our Attorneys' Services Involving Mechanic's Liens

For property owners, we help defend against mechanic's liens and lien foreclosure actions. We also advise clients in vacating and discharging liens. We help determine if liens are valid and aggressively defend our clients entangled in lien disputes. Some liens just do not belong.

In some cases, subcontractors and suppliers may not receive payment from a general contractor. Their liens against your property may force it into foreclosure if you do not take action. It is important to seek our counsel as quickly as possible. The sooner we can get to work on resolving the dispute, the more cost-effectively and quickly it can be resolved.

For lienors (contractors, subcontractors and suppliers), we advise clients on filing Notice of Mechanic's Lien, resolving disputes, filing a lawsuit or lien foreclosure action, and collections. We also represent contractors who have liens filed against them.

We can help you gain access to all legal and financial documents to which you are entitled to review. We can help you enforce your rights throughout the legal process. And, we can help you execute a customized strategy for your best possible outcome while mitigating negative consequences.

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