What Should You Do When Your Land Is Targeted For Eminent Domain Or Condemnation?

  1. Do not sign anything.
  2. Do not succumb to pressure from private company or government representatives.
  3. Speak with an experienced and resourceful attorney before taking any action.
  4. You have more time than you may have been led to believe.
  5. There is no such thing as a "one-time offer."

Eminent domain law in Pennsylvania provides you with several rights and protections that you should discuss with an experienced attorney.

Condemnation And Condemning Authorities

"Condemnation" is the exercise of the power of eminent domain by the government or other condemning authority to transfer title of your property to the condemning authority. The "condemning authority" may be a public or private entity: a government agency, municipal government, state government, sports authority, port authority, railroad authority, airport authority, utility company or other public authority.

The Representation Of Attorneys With Over 70 Years Of Combined Experience

At Max L. Lieberman & Associates, P.C., we represent property owners throughout the state who are in the path of eminent domain actions or who have already been approached by a representative of a private company or government entity given condemning authority for a public good project. We never represent condemning authorities.

You have a constitutional right to be fairly compensated if you must move your home or business due to eminent domain action.

In most cases, the condemning authority will ask for access to your land to conduct an appraisal. Soon thereafter, you will receive an offer letter for your property. Remember that this appraisal has been completed by an appraiser working for the condemning authority, not an unbiased party.

  • You have the right to hire your own appraiser.
  • You have the right to negotiate and modify easements on your land.
  • We work with our own appraisers and land use experts to provide comprehensive evaluation of your property.
  • We will determine whether the condemning authority even has authority to perform condemnation and if its condemnation of your property is truly needed for the public good.
  • We can negotiate settlement offers that far exceed the initial offer proposed by the condemning authority.
  • We advocate for your best interests every step of the way, through appraisals, negotiations, trial and appeal, if necessary.

Our Blue Bell-based attorneys can also work to protect your land use rights and the safety of all your assets. We are familiar with condemnation letters involving roads and highways, power lines, pipelines, airports, hospitals and many other projects impacting residential, commercial and industrial properties in Greater Philadelphia and throughout the state.

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