Property Tax Assessment Appeals

There are many factors that affect your property tax assessment whether you own a residential or commercial property in Pennsylvania. Some of these factors include the frequency of assessments by the municipal tax assessor (sometimes annually, but often less frequent), the ups and downs of the real estate market, unemployment levels, interest rates and the distribution of property types and zoning in your area.

Assessment appeals and other property tax matters should always be considered with the counsel of an experienced real estate lawyer. A property tax assessment appeal done properly could save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on your property tax bill.

Evaluating Your Property For Tax Exemptions And Abatements

At Max L. Lieberman & Associates, P.C., we can review your assessment annually for possible exemption eligibility and abatements, prompting cause for assessment appeal. Some properties or portions of them may qualify as tax exempt property if we can show nonprofit ownership or that the property is designated as conservation or recreation land. You may also be able to achieve an abatement or reduction in your tax liability if you have recently completed demolition, construction, conversion or a property improvement.

Timing Is Half The Battle With Property Tax Assessment Appeals

County Boards of Assessment Appeals have been steadily moving up the deadlines for appeals over the past few years, and with the increasing volume of appeals, they are only rescheduling hearings under the most compelling circumstances. If you do not supply the information requested by the board in sufficient time for the information to be reviewed prior to your hearing date, the hearing will proceed as scheduled, which could be detrimental to your appeal. In many cases, rescheduling your hearing is not an option.

We Relieve You Of Legal Burdens

When you retain our representation, we manage all aspects of your appeal. We ensure that all deadlines are met and all necessary information is gathered and submitted to the board in a timely fashion:

  • We review appraisals and assessments of your property for accuracy and completeness.
  • We evaluate all comparable sales evidence.
  • We submit credible and compelling sales evidence for the municipal tax assessor.
  • We handle County Board of Assessment Appeals hearings and negotiations.
  • We work diligently to make sure you do not overpay this year or in the future.

Our attorneys are proactive advocates for your best possible outcome, and we work closely with trusted tax experts and appraisers as necessary.

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